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Basic Components of a Survival Kit

There is so much fun, and adventure one can have when they opt to go to the great outdoors. There is a lot one can enjoy while out there. But with so much fun comes a lot of chances for things to go wrong. Taking steps to go prepared is the sensible thing to do. WhiIe you are out there, it is wise to have the right survival gear, so that you can cope with whatever scenario that might play out. There are items that must be in any assembled survival great package.

You need for instance to have a mobile phone or radio for communication. The phone is best when it has a full charge and is within a network area. You should also carry a GPS unit. This is what will help you not get lost when you are out there, as it can tell your bearings.

You will also need a knife. These are easier to handle than carrying a machete or sword, and shall come in handy when it is time to cook or build something.

Since you might get injured; you will need a first aid kit. This is what will keep your injuries from worsening until you get the right medical attention.

You should also think of carrying some water. AS people rush to get everything in order, there is always the chance that they might overlook carrying water.
It is water that shall help you avoid dehydration and heat stroke. You will also need to have some food that is not so easily perishable. You need it well packaged so that it remains edible for the duration of your journey.

You also need some material you can use to build a shelter. Having a knife is only the first step. This will be how you kept yourself dry and protected if it begins to rain or snow.

You need to also have layers of clothing with you. You will need the rain layers when it gets hot out there. Thicker layers are what will keep you warm when it gets cold and dark. Do not forget clothing to repel the rain, such as caps and hats. When you are in layered clothing, you can easily adapt to the changes in heat and cold wherever you are.

You need to think of the type of footwear you shall have on while out there. If you will be going for long distances, you should make sure your feet are not in uncomfortable shoes all the way. This becomes apparent the minute you get lost out there.

You also need a flashlight. It is what may end up saving your life. IT shall get dark and you will need to have it handy. You need to see properly, no matter where you are.

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